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Rasie Money
Rasie Money

With more and more biased media platforms out there, FanGrip provieds creators with an unregulated and unbiased platform to raise money.


We believe your views are your right, as long as you aren't physically hurting anyone. That's why FanGrip vows to act as a solution against unjust censorship.


FanGrip's platform is unique and feature-packed. We allow creators to upload their content in a variety of formats, wether it be text, music, or traditional video.


To learn about our pricing and fee structure, please click an option from below. 

We are very transparent and upfront about our pricing. The cost to having a FanGrip page is broken down into two parts:

  • Processing Fee
  • Service Fee

The processing fee is the amount charged by the banks and the credit card processors. This amount is 2.99% + $0.30 per transaction. This is an unavoidable reality of accepting online payments. We work closely with our banks and merchant partners to keep this cost as low as possible. 

The service fee is the amount we charge to keep this website online. While our goal is to support free speech for all, we do have to pay the bills and keep the lights on. This fee is a flat 7% that goes to support servers, ongoing development, and even lawsuits (since any site protecting free speech is a target these days).

Depending on the fee set by the artist/creator, you will pay a set amount of money each month.  For example, if the creator sets the price at $5/mo, then you will be charged $5 a month for access to their FanGrip page.

A uncensored platform where creators can reach their fans, and fans can support their creators.

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